Island Sandbox

The Island Sandbox is a collaboration between Cape Breton University and the Nova Scotia Community College and is a collision space for ideas and innovation. Our primary focus is to help students launch businesses in the three key areas listed below. However, we are here to assist the community in any way we can.

Our Focus

Clean Technology

Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment spearheads Clean Technology Entrepreneurship

New Canadian Entrepreneurship

International Students, Tailored Programs & Support for New Canadians, Building Diverse Communities

Social Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Communities, Cape Breton Culture & Heritage, Social Innovation & Research

Our Staged Programming

Ideation & Inspiration

Coach and help you identify opportunies and inspiration.

Exploration & Validation

Guidance through validation techniques to ensure you are on the right path.

Business Model

Lay the foundation for success and prepare you to launch your idea.

CBIFF Grants


Initial funding to help explore your idea and test some of your assumptions.


This funding can help explore different validation techniques for your idea.


Now that you have explored and tested your idea, it is time to launch.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to ask questions about our programming or the Cape Breton Island Futures Fund (CBIFF).

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Fun Facts About Us

Stay tuned for some fun insights on the greater Island Sandbox community, below are a few to hold you over.

  • 81000

    CBIFF Seed Funding
  • 4800

    Students (CBU & NSCC)
  • 1100

    Cups Of Coffee
  • 500

    Hours of Pitching